Additional Services

Financial Planning & Management

We provide clarity to your current situation through listening and analysis so you can see and realize the possibilities.

  • Budget Analysis
  • Retirement Planning & Income Planning
  • Macro Asset Perspective® (M.A.P.)
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Risk Management
  • Education Funding
  • Business Succession, Buy/Sell Planning/Funding

Portfolio Design & Management

We don’t “pick” investments; we construct portfolios. Our focus is on your needs and how your portfolio integrates with your planning objectives.

  • Personalized Asset Allocation, Analysis & Modeling
  • Portfolio Tracking and Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis
  • Investment Manager Reviews
  • Annual Asset Reallocation Meetings

Estate Planning

Planning to enjoy your assets or to pass them on.

  • Development of your goals
  • Minimizing Estate Taxes
  • Family Dynasty Planning
  • Gift and Philanthropy Planning
  • Trust and Estate Plan Document Analysis
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Family Meeting to prepare heirs
  • Asset Shifting

Philanthropy Planning

If you could give more to charity without negatively affecting your heirs or yourself, would you?

  • Assess and Develop your Giving Strategy
  • Charitable Trust Planning